Wednesday, July 23, 05:17 PM
Heat Reprieve

Come enjoy your summer reprieve with us.  We have the door open in anticipation!

Sunday, July 20, 04:48 PM
Happy Ice Cream Day!

We have an assortment of ice cream all available in vanilla. Shall we scoop you some?

Thursday, July 17, 12:15 PM
Wine Tasting this Sunday!

Robert Ramsay will join us in the downstairs cellar to sample five of his wines this Sunday the 20th from noon to 3:00 pm.  Snag a few tastes of wine and then join us for Brunch! Have you made your reservation?

We'll have some extra bottles on hand if you want to save yourself a trip to the winery. Looking to put in a full case, or bigger, order? We can have it for you in a couple days!

Thursday, July 17, 11:44 AM
I'm back!

Did you miss me?


Monday, July 14, 05:51 PM
Early Dinner Tonight?

Tonight, Parco will be closing at 8pm. Chef's significant other is in for another round of cartiac surgery and would like to be his side tonight.

The staff thanks you for your understanding.

Sunday, July 13, 08:48 AM
Beat the heat

Snag a reservation and join us for some cooling adults beverages.

Thursday, July 10, 05:31 PM
Weekend Plans

Can you believe it is already Thursday?  Will you be joining us tonight or maybe holding out for a weekend meal.  We serve Brunch both Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 3 and Dinner is every night from 5 o'clock.  Score a table with our instant reservation system for up to four seats or shoot us a polite request via our contact form and we'll see about creating space for your group.

Sunday, July 06, 02:17 PM
Hot enough for you?

Come cool off with a chilled beverage while relaxing on the courtyard under the tree.

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Dining Out For Life

Thursday, April 24th - Parco will donate 30% of your meal to Lifelong AIDS Alliance.
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